VIPER Modular Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet Review

VIPER Modular Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet review 2017The VIPER Modular Dual Visor Motorcycle helmet is a great snowmobile helmet. If you love to ride your motorcycle on a snowy mountain and want to be protected from the cold and snow, the VIPER Modular helmet is the perfect product for that. This is a helmet from the generation of IV2 Helmets Elite Series. It is perfect for adults with a motorcycle and you can find it in many different sizes.

Available Colors : Black | Green | Red

The real name of this helmet is Model 953 Dual Visor, Modular Motorcycle helmet with a perfect design for winter and cold weather. You can also use it for your everyday ride with your motorcycle. But, the main feature of this helmet is the used as a snowmobile helmet. There are many benefits why you should buy this great motorcycle headpiece.

Feature Highlights

  • Snowmobile helmet
  • Drop down tinted visor
  • One-hand flip-up system (easy from full-face to open-face)
  • Glove-friendly and waterproof controls
  • Removable and washable interior
  • Advanced lightweight durable shell
  • EPS Impact Absorption Inner Liner
  • Advanced Thermoplastic Shell Technology
  • Advanced ventilation system
  • Provides best air flow: 10 venting ports
  • Stainless Steel Dual D-Rings Strap with button
  • Nice package with 1 x Microfiber Cloth Helmet Bag
  • DOT Approved
  • Different sizes

Easy removable with one button

Usually, motorbike riders are having a problem with removing their helmet from their head. The VIPER Modular Dual Visor helmet is really easy to remove. It has only one button that helps in the process of taking off the helmet easy and fast. Also, this amazing helmet has one hand full-up system. With that, you can easy convert the helmet from full-face to open-face. This easy mechanism is perfect when you are riding on a mountain full of snow. Also, it is great when you are in a hurry and want to take the helmet as soon as possible.

Advanced Ventilation System Provides Best Air Flow

The VIPER Modular Helmet has a perfect advanced ventilation system. It has 10 vents points and this makes the helmet perfect for every motorcycle ride. The ventilation system of this helmet provides the best air flow. It is a high-quality ventilation system for a motorcycle helmet and because of that is amazing and acceptable for the environment where there are snow and rain. You will never feel too cold or too hot inside the helmet. The temperature is always normal thanks to the ventilation system and the comfortable interior.

Washable interior

Another great benefit that you will have with this modular helmet is the possibility to wash the interior of the helmet. Usually, most helmets have washable exterior. Only rare helmets with high quality are having this features. The washable interior will give you comfort to enjoy in a clean and fresh helmet. You can wash your helmet from inside and outside after every use, or after a long road trip. The interior of the headpiece is fully removable and you can wash it easy and fast.

Customer feedback’s

Every motorcycle rider needs a comfortable and safe helmet. According to many real reviews, the VIPER Modular Dual Visor is a exact helmet that offers protection and comfort. Many customers love the design and available color of it. It is a beautiful, stylish and great helmet. Can give you the necessary protection and make you look fashionable on the mountain. Also, all features make this helmet worth for the price.

– Advanced ventilation system with great air flow
– A flip-up system easy to use even in moments when you are in a hurry
– Warm and comfortable helmet, especially for cold weather
– Fashionable and stylish design
– Quality sun visor that will give you UV protection of your eyes and face
– Fully removable interior
– Washable interior and exterior
– Does not fog up

– Easy to scratch
– Not enough protection from a strong wind and snow
– The mechanics are a little rough

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)


If you are looking for a new motorcycle helmet the VIPER Modular helmet is a great choice. You will have a high-quality motorcycle product for a normal price. It is definitely worth for the money because it has the best features that you can search for.
Not all motorcycle are suitable for cold weather with snow and rain. With the size that you need, the ventilation system and protected visor you will be able to drive your motorbike on a snowy mountain without any problem.

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